Wilfried Grootens



With my glass painting I fill transparent, geometric spaces whose visual explorations produce surprising variations in forms. Different perspectives on apparent spherical floating built-up forms of linear brush strokes, reveal to the viewer new perspectives within the object’s space.
ars gratia artis

I favour commercial float glass for my work.
In earlier pieces I cut these into slats, in themselves slight changing form which I layered in a stainless steel profile or between stone, wood or coal. It resulted in light converging fields or blocks of clear or coloured glass as an interruption in a tumben, glass contrary material.Later I produced slim cases in which I stacked square, painted small glass slivers. Out of that the group of works, ‘Where the shark blows bubbles’ developed.These days I work predominantly within this area. With delicate brush strokes I paint or draw on single panes that, layered and glued, seemingly float in the glass creating three dimensional shapes.

O.T. (2023)– 30x30x15 inch
O.T. (2023)– 30x30x15 inch
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