Korbinian Stöckle



“In my work I try to understand and clarify the obliquely tangible and visible. It is all about recognizing and dissolving preconceived personal concepts which prevent any development. This creates a space for a more sustainable reality beyond these structures. Many of my works revolve around this conflict and attempt to create a link between the inner and the outer world.
The works act as a catalyst for myself and the viewers in helping us to recognize the existential truth behind what we normally accept as reality. In this process of recognition I use various levels of human perception.

Interaction with the works is important. In this process the viewers themselves become a part of the work and this creates a potential for a completely different intellectual and emotional approach, because the viewers are very directly linked with the work.

Dissolving the solid. Perceiving and accepting the moment simply as moment not as something remaining or rigid. Glass enables me to see the movement of history, the future and the present through the solidified surface. This makes life once more as mutable as molten glass.”

1 - 25

The glass objects created by the sculptor Korbinian Stöckle are made using both hot and cold techniques, spontaneously formed at the kiln and mostly with sand blasting techniques or engraving. The particular technique is not so much dependent on aesthetic considerations but more on the expressive qualities inherent in the glass and the specific process involved. Stöckle’s objects can be categorised into three groups: vase-like vessels, autonomous sculptures and large room-filling installations.