Heide Kemper



Glass is my favourite material. It has not stopped fascinating me since I studied design. From the beginning I saw my work in a societal context.

Thus there are installations as ‘the fleeing’ made from bend bottles, as well as one of my main themes ‘encounter’ in fusing technique. For this, I find my materials in fields, woods or at scrap yards. My work remains intriguing, as there are always new facets to be discovered, as the light keeps breaking in different ways. Beside my work as a free artist I conduct workshops in fusion technique in my studio. Applied art, goblets and contract work are my topics as much as design and up-cycling. At Depot.Kulturort, where my studio is located, I am involved in developing and conducting numerous projects.

A Ausstellung Dortmund
A Ausstellung Dortmund
1 - 16