Georg Linden



„The transparency of glass to me acts as an initiator for the creation of my glass objects. It is the discovery, the invention of something that I bear inside of me. The implementation in glass, combined with other materials, serves as a means of realizing my ideas. During the process it is of particular importance to me to preserve the primal character and not weaken it by superficialty.”

Georg Linden has been teaching for more than 30 years at the State-run Vocational School for the Trade of Glass in Rheinbach, Germany, Department Glass Design and Glass Painting. He is a Certified Master of Glass Painting and Master of Design and a longtime participant in numerous exhibitions throughout Germany and abroad. In his works he experiments with the melting of glass in combination with most different materials in order to permanently incorporate the issue of gravity/lightness as well as density/transparency. Georg Linden lives and works in Bonn, Germany.

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