Wilhelm Vernim


My education and many advanced training courses, from classical painting, sculpture, etc., to working with many international glass artist have shaped my way of working and influenced my work. In many of my pieces I work across different techniques and since this work is often not feasible alone, in a team with colleagues and friends. Storytelling is at the forefront of my pieces, but abstract designs, installations and glass design also complement my spectrum.

Wilhelm Vernim has been working with glass for over 40 years. After training as a glass engraver and glass designer and after completing his master’s degree in glass engraving, he worked in his own studio for 13 years. He taught for 11 years at the glass school in Rheinbach and Hadamar. He has been freelance again since 2014 and teaches courses around the world, curates exhibitions and is active in the “Glass Engraving Network” / GEN.

Ohne-Titel – Graal-Technik (Foto: Stefan Effner)
Ohne-Titel – Graal-Technik (Foto: Stefan Effner)